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Trick Me If You Can: Adversarial Writing of Trivia Questions

Writing fun and unique questions for Quiz Bowl is not an easy task! This interface is here to help you write better questions with the help of Machine Learning.

The interface is integrated wth QANTA, a computerized Question Answering system. QANTA will provide its best guesses for your questions, try to trick it! You can see the evidence it may be using for making its guesses.

For contact, reach out to Eric Wallace at ewallac2@umd.edu and Jordan Boyd-Graber at jbg@boydgraber.org.

Create an account or login using a username and password below. We will be using the email you enter for prizes! See this website for prize details.

We plan to release the first round of anonymized data to the public on August 15th. If you are using this interface to write a tournament that is after August 15th, you may want check the Don't Release Questions Box in the bottom left of the interface.

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